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Angus Breeding

When we began our A.I. angus breeding program in the late 1990’s, our main goal was to raise high-quality, moderately-framed, and easy-to-handle females. We believe these females are the foundation that led us to start keeping bulls that we would start using in our herd. As we began to see these bulls mature and develop, it appeared that we could raise bulls that would produce cows that would calve easy, wean a good calf, and breed back year after year.
Our first bull sale was in 2012. Our focus has not changed, but has grown into choosing A.I. sires with performance and carcass traits as well. We believe that every bull that we sell will add pounds to your steer calves and add more profitability to your feeder cattle. We are confident that the genetics offered are well-balanced with eye-appealing females and the ability to give you more pounds per calf at weaning. Our annual sale is held the last Monday in April at Faith Livestock. We invite you to come to the ranch to view the bulls. Good disposition and easy-to handle cattle are very important to us. You can experience this first hand when you walk through the bulls. They would love to have you come and scratch on them.